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6 proven tips where to find your traineeship abroad

Our faculty recently announced the new Erasmus+ call, internships included. It sounds so inspiring to you, you have already heard from your classmates how was their traineeship abroad wonderful and you would really like to use this chance to go. But call-to-call it always ends up with "Naah! I don't have time for this, I will maybe apply next semester!"? Well, we all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. To make it easier, here are 6 proven tips, where to look for your future traineeship abroad.


The well-known website, which must be included here. provides a place where companies and organizations can publish their internship offers and search for interns, and where students that want to do an internship abroad can have their profiles, search and apply for internships vacancies. I literally don´t know any website with more traineeships opportunities than this one.

This is my personal tip. I recommend you to set up a job alert for every possible keyword (“internship”, “traineeship”, different locations…). Setting up job alerts means that you will receive personalized new internship offers in your e-mail, therefore you don´t need to check the website every day.

3) Facebook groups
I swear that every city (at least in Europe) has tons of Facebook groups with job opportunities and for compatriots (expats of the same country), especially the capitals. Just a few examples:

– Jobs in Barcelona

– Jobs in Germany – Jobs in Deutschland

– Jobs in Budapest

And here comes the trick. Check the groups regularly however also promote yourself there! Tell them what you are looking for. Don´t forget to keep your Facebook profile professional (no “that Friday night drunk” photos), because they can always check it. Use the catchy photo, check grammar spelling. Facebook groups are an amazing source of contacts if you know how to use them.
Á propós, have you already tried to ask in the student’s faculty Facebook group? It has more than a thousand members (potential advisers).

4) LinkedIn
Hands up all of you, who have (complete) profile on LinkedIn. I would guess, that that´s less than half of you. But how else you want to get visible? How else you want to become recognized as professional? LinkedIn is the basic thing. Use the bio of your profile to let everybody know what are you looking for. Then go to the job section and set up job alerts in the same way as I mentioned in the case of

5) Contacts from faculty
First of all – you know people who have already done their internships. right? Not sure? They are your classmates! You very often stay in the same corridor waiting for the professor to come and start the lesson. And now, this will sound really simple, even dumb, but what about to ask them? Or, if you are shy, send a simple message on Facebook. 1 minute of your time, bam! You are on the way to find your internship.
Second – faculty is here to help you, receiving different kinds of job offers every single day. Do not hesitate and come to ask.

6) Do your own research
Did you find your dream company but there is no internship offer on their website? Well, what about to contact them? Create a personalized cover letter stating your motivation to work for them (mention, that it will be for free because you will receive Erasmus grant from university and they do not need to worry about insurance, because this is done by you through university, too). Include your CV and just send it. No answer? Call them. Try hard, and stop just in case of final no. Trust me, this works!

I am not gonna tell you lies, finding an internship can take a lot of time and need your full determination. You should invest time in all possible channels. But what in this world is easy? You are twenty-something. Be proactive, go the extra mile, start building your future now.

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