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How can a student’s day at our faculty look like?

If you ever wondered how a regular Czech student handles his time at the FRDIS, here’s what we do in a day.


The students usually come to the faculty “on time” which means like 10 or 15 minutes before the first lecture (and everyone knows that those 10 minutes are used as a smoking/bonding break at the entrance to the faculty).

After the lecture there is the learning withdrawal syndrome and at this time students need to satisfy their caffeine addiction – and usually they’ve got three possible choices:

1.  The coffee machine

There is nothing easier than to spare some of your small coins and to pick your favorite hot drink. I will rather not discuss the taste and the quality properties of these drinks but if you need a quick and cheap caffeine intake, here it is.


2.  The canteen

In the morning from 7.30 am to 10.30 am, apart from coffee, it is possible to buy a breakfast or snacks from the buffet. From 11.30 am to 2 pm you can get a coffee with your lunch.


3.  S-klub pub (or “esko” in Czech)

You can’t really go there in the morning, but I promise you this is the best coffee at the faculty.

When there’s “nothing to do”, some of us go to the study room/library which is located above the auditorium (aula). Things to do here are clearly obvious: study, study, check your phone, study some more. And remember – study room and the library are quiet places where the nerds, introverts and smart people get their peace. So, don’t ruin it for them with loud speaking or other disturbances.

You may find interesting publications at the library (I know because I have already borrowed many of them).

If you need to get your work done on PC, you can use the public one from which you can also print your documents.

For (studying) groups I would recommend the foyer (the jungle) at the center of the faculty. You can also work in groups in the hallway to the aula or the S-klub.

But if you don’t feel like studying, you can grab some wine or beer with your friends at the S-klub too.



I will end this article with a tip for the adventurists.

As you may have noticed, our faculty is located quite far from the city center which is of course not the greatest news for us lazy people BUT there’s also a huge plus.

The faculty is set in a very nice, natural environment of Královo pole (The King’s Field) and if you sometimes feel overwhelmed or you just want to switch off stressful thoughts, I would seriously recommend for you to go and explore.

You can either go there from where you exit the underpass of the Bieblova station or you may go the other way (when you exit the faculty, go to the left until you are on an asphalt road, then turn left again and go straight along the trash containers).

If you don’t feel like exploring the wilderness or maybe you feel somewhat lazy, then be sure to check out our beautiful botanical garden where you can chill and relax your mind.

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