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What can Erasmus Student Network do for you?

So have you heard about Erasmus Student Network (ESN)? Either you are on Erasmus right now in Brno or you are studying here but you are planning to go to study abroad, either way if you like meeting new friends and talking in English, you should definitely know about us, about ESN!


We are non-profit international student organisation (International Students Club in MENDELU). Students to students. We are trying to help incoming students to make their time in a different country as great, interesting and fun as possible. Have you ever been abroad and needed a help? Isn’t it nice when there is someone who is willing to give you a hand and answer your questions? That is why we are here.

It is hard to come to another country (even for a short stay) when you do not know anyone or anything. Our main project is our Buddy network. Volunteers who are there for you even before you get to your chosen country and whom you can ask anything you want or need to know. They are here for you to help you with packing tips, they can help you with finding accommodation, filling different kinds of necessary documents and other papers. After your arrival, they guide you to your place, show you the best places nearby and if necessary they will give you advice on where to go to the doctor and other important places.

With ESN you are never alone. We make sure that you will have many opportunities to meet other international friends and of course, that you are not going to be bored! We organise many events, such as parties – for fun evenings but also, events for people who are not that fans of parties – international market, where you can get much interesting information about other counties and where you can represent your land, many trips – to get to know the Czech Republic and excursions. Also, we are organizing meeting with disabled people in centrum Kociánka.

Currently, the ESN network has been spread into 40 countries in Europe and has 530 local sections.

Our section is called ‘ISC MENDELU’. You can recognize us by our beautiful bright green T-shirts and our mascot – Mr Peas! We are like a little family with the same interest. We enjoy helping people, by building friendships among the international students and us. Besides learning how to make friends, you can learn quite a lot about organizing events.

We are not the only section in Brno.

We cooperate with other two section in Brno which is ESN MUNI and ISC VUT. Together we called ourselves BRNO UNITED. Why? Because together we are strong and are able to organize bigger and even more memorable events such as Boat party or Tramp party, where all of us come and enjoy the remarkable and funny experience.

Would you like to join us?

If you got interested in ESN and you would like to join us (either if you are Erasmus student or just regular student here, doesn’t matter!) here is what you can do.

One way to help out is to become a Buddy and be here for your foreign student partner, however you can also become a member of our little family and help us with organising, preparing and enjoying parties and other events. If ‘just’ being a regular member was not enough for you, you could become a board member. Would you like to know more? Do not hesitate to follow and contact us on Facebook (ISC MENDELU BRNO) or Instagram. We welcome everyone!

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