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My 3 unforgettable months as a trainee for FRDIS

My name is Luísa, I am from Brazil, but for three months, Brno was my home.


If you have ever had an international experience, you will probably agree with me: it can be the best experience of our lives. We can discover a lot of things: different culture, food, landscapes, history… but especially, we discover ourselves. The international experience itself does that, it does not matter where do we come from or go to. We also realize what is special about home when we miss it, and we learn a lot, the new home becomes a beloved safe place.

But how did I get in the Czech Republic?

One year ago, I saw this opportunity for Brazilian students to work with research in the Czech Republic. I ended up working with the amazing Professor Alice Kozumplikova, who gave me the opportunity to use my knowledge in Pharmacy (this is what I study) in many other fields and introduced me to her great colleagues. I grew up as a student, professional and human thanks to them. I was lucky to be in FRRMS MENDELU, and if I knew everything I did not know before choosing the faculty, I would definitely make the same decision.

The daily life of a trainee 

My routine in Brno was going to faculty and working during the day, and at night I enjoyed Czech beer (how could I not mention Czech beer?) and the activities for international students. I also enjoyed every chance I had to travel and get to know a little bit more about the world in every kind of trip, from museums and castles to hiking. It was important for me to improve dealing with fun-work balance. Besides Czech, Italian, Ukrainian, Jordanian, Spanish, Greek friends, I had the pleasure to meet many Brazilian friends that were going through the same exchange, but not same work. Finally, we all came back home with stories, memories and feelings that we will never have words to describe.

I have friends everywhere on the Earth

I am sure my experience would not have been the same without the work of all people engaged in integrating exchange students, they made it even more complete and special to me, so I would like to say thanks, from heart and soul, for the time you have spent with us, for helping with Czech language, trips and parties. For you and all friends I have made during my stay, I hope I will see you again. It is so good to know I have friends everywhere on Earth.

S láskou, Luísa.