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The 5 proven acitivities for your free time and fun in Brno

There are many checklists what to do in Brno. Read the version made by one of our students.



The Brno dam, its other name is Prehrada. It is a hydraulic structure on the Svratka river. It is a beautiful location for relaxation and recreational activities. During summer, a lot of people go there for swimming, hiking, cycling and watersports. This is also where the largest annual Ignis Brunensis fireworks event competition is being held in the months of May and June. As you can see, prehrada is definitely a place to go when you are bored or want to have some relaxed time. You can just go there for a photo shoot since they have wonderful boats available at the premises.


Photo source: Metro Music Bar

This bar happens to be the oldest in Brno which started operation around 1937. The great thing about this bar is that it is not dominated by only students. It is an underground bar. It is a place where most foreigners who come to Brno like to meet and have fun in the city. The Bar holds over 250 concerts, parties and stand-up comedy shows every year. If you are looking for a place to be on a Friday night, then Metro Music Bar is definitely the place to be. It attracts lots of numbers each weekend. You will never be disappointed.


This is a historical building located in Cerna Pole in Brno. This building appears to be a pioneering prototype of modern architecture in Europe. Its design was made by the German architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe. Its construction took about two (2) years to complete and between the years 1928-1930. It has not become a Centre of attraction for tourists who visit the Czech Republic. Kindly note that, if you intend to see this building, you have to book an appointment with a purchased ticket. If you happen to live in Brno, then this building is a must see. It is famous for being the venue for Czechoslovakia divorce. Yes, this is where the discussions for the separation of these two countries took place.


Photo source: Olympia Brno

This is the first modern business and entertainment center in the Brno agglomeration and the second largest in the Czech Republic. It is located on the D2 motorway at the cadastral border of Brno district. It is a big complex building and has many shops and restaurants. If you are looking for a nice place to watch a trending movie, then Olympia is the best place for you. Their shops are also equipped with modern fashion brands and you are likely to find what you want when you visit this big shopping mall.


Photo source: VIDA Science Centrum

This place is a Science Amusement Centre and it is great for the whole family and located at Krizkovskeho 554/12 in Brno. If you haven’t launched a hydrogen rocket or frozen your own shadow, then kindly visit this unique place. Their exhibitions are captured in the Czech, German and English language. So, it is indeed an international Centre. You may visit their website for more information about their working hours and what you need to know before going there by clicking on the link

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