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Tasty food and drinks in Brno, just around the corner

If you are in Brno and wondering where you can get a good meal, coffee or drink? Then this article was meant for you.



We have made a compilation of  few places here in Brno where you can go  when you are thinking about food and drinks. Of course, we are confident that our picks are one of the best in the city.  All these places which we will mention were chosen based on our conducted survey.


Forky’s is a modern bistro-restaurant where all the food is prepared purely from plant raw materials. This restaurant does not use any ingredients of animal origin. They have vegan specialities from around the world. Their aim is to offer both kind of meal – classic dishes of Czech and international cuisine as well as completely new concepts of meals, for example super bowls.  The restaurant is located at Jakubske square 1, Brno and they are opened from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 9 pm.




Utopia is definitely the place for a good relaxation and fun. If you are in the mood for a venue which permits you to smoke tobacco or shisha, then Utoppia is the right spot to stop at.

Utopia has large but cozy space where you can eat and drink. It is quite a big underground space which can contain lots of people. So, if you are also thinking of a place where you can meet your friends on a Friday night, then look at this address; Divadelni 603/3, 602 00. Brno-Stred.

Openning hours: from Mondays to Fridays 2 pm to 2 am and on special days even to 4 am.


Zlata Lod

Zlata Lod is located at Freedom Square (Namesti Svobody) 5. It is a restaurant with a club inside. Zlata Lod offers the best beer in the country. It has a cooperation with a beer producing company “Starobrno”. So, you can imagine, the place is always equipped with beer. They have wonderful meals served but a little expensive.

If you care about the price, also think about that you are getting the best.


The Bar That Doesn’t Exist

This is a renowned bar and restaurant where you will only find excellent mixed cocktails and the best alcohol. It is indeed one of the most popular bars in Brno City.

It has three floors and smoking is prohibited here. So try to put your cigarette off before you go inside. 🙂

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People who have been there are excited about the magical atmosphere, the soft jazz music which is played in the background as well as their classy drinks made from other parts of the world and  also with interesting names. This amazing bar is located at Dvorakova 1. Come on and taste a drink.

The Campus Square

Campus Square is a shopping mall situated around the Masaryk University.  This building has a lot of restaurants which serve different kinds of meals. You may go there for Indian, vegetarian, pastries or even for a drink. It is usually crowded with students from the Masaryk University and workers. They are opened everyday from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm.


What is your favourite place? Where do you prefer to eat or drink?

Let us know in the comment below. ↓