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The “honest” visit of Honest Guide at FRDIS

Have you ever heard about Honest Guide? If no, then I will tell you a little about it.


What is the Honest Guide?

Honest Guide is a two-member team which comprises of Janek Rubes and Honza Mikulka. Their main goal is to make videos and highlight hiking traps of the major cities of the Czech Republic and lists less known tips and recommendations. The 28-year-old local videographer Janek made his first breakthrough just last summer, when he went undercover as an American tourist and filmed his rides in Prague taxis with some drivers charging him more than $40 for just a two-mile trip. Interestingly, the video racked up more than 78,000 views on YouTube and in November, a court trial began for about six taxi drivers who were accused of ripping off passengers. Does this sounds familiar to you? If not, check it right now!

The Honest Guide and Centre for International Cooperation in Education

They work together as a vigilante and make local videos that expose scams that tourists and other foreigners usually fall into. With weekly videos that cover everything from where to safely party in Prague which is the country’s capital and how to leave the airport without getting ripped off. Not only do they make investigative videos, they also go deeper by introducing the Czech culture and even how to make friends during your stay in the Czech Republic. As part of the Ministry of Education’s initiatives, Janek and Honza made an expository video on education in the Czech Republic. Here, they highlighted the good schools the country has to offer in the various regions; what you are likely to benefit from in studying here then also student life in various cities.

Honest Guide visited Brno recently!

And proudly, they visited Mendel University in Brno. Yes! They were in our faculty. If you did not meet them, then better luck next time! They met a few students from our faculty where they asked a few questions. I can imagine how exciting it was for the students who had the opportunity to be on his camera. Some of the students attested to the fact that, studies at our faculty is very awesome and they would always recommend it to anybody who wants to study here. They were in one of the accommodation facilities of the school which they confirmed also that, it cost very little to stay comfortably. Our canteen “Menza” was also visited. They were wowed by the size of the canteen and the variety of meals we had. See the full video bellow!

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