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New to our faculty? Here are few facts how Student Information Center can help you

Our information center provides many valuable services to our students. Read more how you can benefit from that and when to stopy by!


Our mission
Our mission is to provide students with study materials, give advice and motivation to study or assist in the possibilities of international excursions or other programs organized by faculty. Here you can also buy tickets for various events organized by our student association Akademicka unie FRRMS (for example the well-known representative ball of the faculty) or other ones.

What else can we do for you?
The core of our work is also to create activities focused on the application process of foreign students and to take care of these students during their studies. Among other things, you can rely on questions such as how to make syllabus; state final examinations; admission or enrollments. We help in easing up the work of the study department.

Come and talk to us
We are very happy to advise you in difficult situations and problems that are not necessarily related to school. We are a very friendly team and we want to be a good friend to every student who comes to us. We are always positively tuned and we spread our good mood further. So do not hesitate and stop by during our office hours, the office is just next to the study department.

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