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Must have apps for your study life in Brno

Brno is a city where memories can be made each day. To make such wonderful memories, you need to know when and how to get to places. Whether you are a native of this country or an international student trying to prepare yourself for the big move, here are our top picks of Apps which we believe will be necessary in ensuring that, your stay in Brno get a lot more easier and fun! Below will be listed the various apps with little details on how it works and where to download from unto your various phones.


MAPY.CZ is an offline tourist map. It is a Czech-produced map and might not be poloadepular like other maps but I believe it has very much details on the interesting places to see in the city and its surroundings. They have one redeeming quality: they show marked tourist paths, even in their offline mode. It offers several kinds of map formats (road map, tourist map, photographic map and historical maps), detailed plans of large European cities, and all Czech cities and municipalities. It allows you to search addresses and to plan travel routes. Users with Apple devices can download this app from the App Store whiles Android users can also have their downloads at the Play Store. To be able to use the map in offline mode, the app has to be downd. The only little problem with the app currently is that it is in the Czech language. But then, the symbols and icons of the app will make it a little easy for you to use.


Whether tram, bus, train; local or international: IDOS has it all. For most mobile users in the Czech Republic, this little app has become a daily necessity. Easy to use, showing the best routes, delays and disruptions. It doesn’t happen very often that you’ll need a different app for your travels, but we’ll show you some, anyway. Of course, the app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.


The majority of trains in the Czech Republic are organized by a state-owned company: České Drahy (Czech Railways). You can purchase your ticket through their app. Small tip: if you buy your ticket online, you can reserve a seat for free (for inland journeys). This can be a good idea if traveling during rush hour. Up-to-date schedules including real-time delays for all trains are available, as well. The trains are equipped with Wifi networks and they also provide services such as offering drinking water, coffee, tea or fruit drinks depending on the class you pay for. Then again, this wonderful app can be gotten from the App Store and Google Play Store. And it’s free!!!



The private company Regio Jet (formerly Student Agency) is known for their yellow buses connecting Europe’s biggest cities. They can connect students who are coming from Prague Airport (Vaclav Havel International) to Brno right from the airport. In Brno, they stop in front of the Grand Hotel. The company also have trains, servicing the main cities in the Czech Republic. You can reserve/buy their tickets through this app. They offer discounts with their loyalty cards. So try to sign up for one! And download from the various stores; Google Play Store and Apple Store.



Would you love to have a meal from your favorite restaurant but you are feeling too lazy to go out? You are not the only one: that’s why many citizens of Brno use the website browse through their database of restaurants they deliver from and hope yours is in there. The app is available only in Czech so far, although their website is in English. Download from app stores on android and apple devices.


We hope that these apps will help guide you around the city of Brno and make your stay here just a little easier.